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Selected Directory of Research/LibGuides, Online Courses, and Webinars Devoted to Grey Literature Worldwide


to compile existing research/LibGuides, online courses, and webinars devoted to grey literature worldwide into a living directory. This Directory will become online accessible via the GreyGuide - GreyNet’s web access Portal and Repository, and its content will be updated on a regular basis.


The countries selected for this directory were chosen according to the OECD List of Member Countries  The majority of grey literature material has been produced from these geographic zones, as well as serving as the country of origin of the majority of GreyNet community members.  It was felt that this method would be a valid representative sample to work with.  Further, as GreyNet is an international organization, it was decided that only materials produced in English would be included. 

As the largest and most widely used search engine in existence, the search for material was conducted in Google using the following three search strings: 

  • ("grey literature" OR "gray literature") (libguide* OR "subject guide*" OR "research guide*") ([country name] OR site:[country code]

  • ("grey literature" OR "gray literature") ~webinar* ([country name] OR site:[country code]

  • ("grey literature" OR "gray literature") ~online (course* OR class*) ([country name] OR site:[country code]

The 2-letter codes of each country were determined according to

Finally, due to the potentially large yield of results retrieved from a Google search, search results were limited to the first 100 hits from each search string.  According to the Canadian Institutes of Health (CIHI) search methodology study,, the first 100 hits are, in general, deemed to be most relevant. 


Grey Literature for the Health Sciences [University of Melbourne] [LIBGUIDE]

Grey Literature Unit Guide [Queensland University of Technology]: [LIBGUIDE]
Patient Reported Outcome Measures (Excel List) [Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Health Care] 
Medicine: Grey Literature [Monash University] [LIBGUIDE]
Systematic Reviews: Grey Literature [Curtin University] [LIBGUIDE]

     Grey Literature library page [University of New South Wales, Sydney]: [STUDY GUIDE]

Rethinking the Role of Grey Literature in the Fourth Industrial Revolution [LECTURE]

Finding Grey Literature (guide) [McMaster University] [LIBGUIDE]

      Grey Literature  [Bow Valley College] [LIBGUIDE]

Systematic Reviews: A How-to-Guide √†Grey Literature [Dalhousie University] [LIBGUIDE]

Community Health & Epidemiology: Grey Literature [University of Saskatchewan] [LIBGUIDE]
Education - Doing a Literature Review: Grey Literature [Thompson Rivers University] [LIBGUIDE]

Grey Literature: What is It? How to Find Grey Literature [Royal Roads University] [LIBGUIDE]

Grey Literature [University of Victoria] [LIBGUIDE]

Grey Literature for Health Sciences [University of British Columbia] [SUBJECT GUIDE]

Health Information Science: Grey Literature [University of Victoria] [LIBGUIDE]
Grey Literature: About Grey Literature [Sheridan College] [LIBGUIDE]
Leadership: Grey Literature Domain Searching [Trinity Western University] [LIBGUIDE]

Finding Grey Literature in Mental Health and Addiction [Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, CAMH]

Grey Literature [Gambling Research Exchange Ontario]

Grey Matters: a Practical Tool for Searching Health-Related Grey Literature [Canadian Association for Drugs and Technologies in Health, CADTH]

Public Health Grey Literature Resources [OPHLA, Ontario Public Health Libraries Association]

Grey Literature Bibliography [Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario]

Grey Literature: Environment Resource Guide [University of Toronto Libraries]

Grey Literature: What it is & How to Find it [Simon Fraser University]

Grey Literature [ECON CUES Course Guide, MacOdrum Library, Carleton University]

Grey Literature [BUSI 6902 Course Guide, MacOdrum Library, Carleton University]

Searching the Literature: A Guide to Comprehensive Searching in the Health Sciences: What is Grey Literature? [University of Toronto] 

Grey Literature Repositories [e-book]

National Repository of Grey Literature [NUSL]

Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories [proceedings]


Open Access – Front Page LibGuide [University of Turku]

Guide to Publishing and Open Science – Open Access Publishing [Haaga-Helia University]

Archaeological Grey Reports: Current Issues and Their Potential for the Future [Archaeological Society of Finland]


Libraries as Publishers: More Than Just Grey Literature [Goethe Institute]


Grey Literature for Health Sciences [VRJE Universiteit Amsterdam] [LIBGUIDE]

Grey Literature in the Netherlands (GLIN) Database [Maastricht University]

GreyNet: Grey Literature Network Service


On the Quality of Grey Literature and its use in Information Synthesis during Systematic Literature Reviews [thesis]


Energy Systems Engineering: Technical Reports Izmir Institute of Technology [LIBGUIDE]


Grey Literature for Medical Sciences [Newcastle University] [LIBGUIDE]

Grey Literature for Medical Sciences: NHS Data [Newcastle University] [LIBGUIDE]

Searching for Systematic Reviews: Grey Literature [King’s College London] [LIBGUIDE]

Grey Literature [Resource Guide, Lancaster University] [RESOURCE GUIDE]

International Development: Grey Literature  [University of Birmingham] [LIBGUIDE]

Systematic Reviews: Searching for Grey Literature and On-Going Research [University of Oxford] [LIBGUIDE]

Grey Literature [University of Leeds] [RESOURCE GUIDE]

Search Tools for Grey Literature [University College London]

Searching for Grey Literature [University of Nottingham]

Finding Grey Literature – Online Webinar [University of Leicester]


Grey Literature Resource Guide: General Resources [Norris Medical Library, University of Southern California] [LIBGUIDE]

Grey Literature in Health & Biomedical Sciences [Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign] [LIBGUIDE]

Finding Qualitative Research Articles: Grey Literature [Health Sciences Library, University of Washington] [LIBGUIDE]

Anthropology Research Guide – Grey Literature [Robert W. Woodruff Library, Emory University] [LIBGUIDE]

Systematic Reviews – Grey Literature [Hirsh Health Sciences Library, Tufts University] [RESEARCH GUIDE]

Grey Literature [Duke University] [LIBGUIDE]

Research Process, A Step-by-Step Guide: Grey Literature [Billings Library, Montana State University] [LIBGUIDE]

Statistics & Probability as a Discipline: Grey Literature [Hirsh Health Sciences Library, Tufts University] [RESEARCH GUIDE]

Grey Literature: What is it and Where do I Find It? [East Carolina University] [RESEARCH GUIDE]

Research Process, A Step-by-Step Guide: Grey Literature [Georgia Tech University] [RESEARCH GUIDE]

Website Evaluation: Grey Literature & Trusted Sites [Florida Atlantic University] [LIBGUIDE]

Nursing: Grey Literature [Research Guide, Robert R. Muntz Library, University of Texas Tyler]

Literature Reviews: Grey Literature [Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Sciences]

Nursing – Graduate: Grey Literature [Grand Valley State University] [LIBGUIDE]

Developing an Argument through Grey Literature [Brooklyn Law Institute]

Technology Guide: Grey Literature [Wilmington University] [LIBGUIDE]

Social Work: Grey Literature [Loyola University, Chicago] [LIBGUIDE]

Grey Literature: Reports & Reviews [Texas Christian University] [LIBGUIDE]

The Research Process -  A Guide for OCC Students: Grey Literature [Orange Coast Collage] [LIBGUIDE]

How to Do Research: A Step-by-Step Guide [Elmira College] [LIBGUIDE]

Survival Guide for Scholarship, Dissertations, Theses, and Scholarly Projects [Massachusetts General Hospital]

Clinical & Translational Science Research Guide (CCTS): Sources for Grey Literature [University of Illinois, Chicago]

Nursing – Grey Literature [University of Illinois, Chicago] [RESEARCH GUIDE]

Comprehensive Searching – Searching the Grey Literature [Alverno College]

MPHE: Associations and Sources for Grey Literature [University of Chicago] [RESEARCH GUIDE]

Finding SciTech Grey Literature Information [Rocky Mountain Chapter SLA Virtual Lunch]

WST 2010: Introduction to Women’s Studies – Grey Literature & Trusted Sites [Florida Atlantic University] [LIBGUIDE]

 Grey Literature: Eduscapes

 DNP Doctor of Nursing Practice RBHS Grey Literature [Rutgers University] [RESEARCH GUIDE]

 MGMT 7170: Healthcare Policy & Reform [Tulane University] [RESEARCH GUIDE]

BUSN/ECON 380: Research Methods in Economics/Business – Grey Literature [Kalamazoo College] [RESEARCH GUIDE] 

Grey Literature [University of Michigan] 

Research Process: Grey Literature [North Central University] 

Grey Literature [Shimberg Health Sciences Library] [LIBGUIDE]

For Researchers: What is Grey Literature [Southern Cross University]